We are an organization of  domestic violence survivors that help others that are in domestic violence situations take that first step to leave. Victim to victorious. We support individuals by uplifting and informative blog posts, personal counseling sessions, poetry, aid and assistance and more. We know how it feels to be stuck in a situation and unable to leave. It is so easy for everyone to state “why don’t they leave” but we know why it’s hard to leave. There are many reasons. We are here to help you leave because whatever situation is awaiting you after those first steps is better then the situation you are currently in.

We know it is easier said than done but you have to leave because no matter what he/she says they will not change, your life is more important than I love you and some gifts, you have to leave because your family cares and loves you no matter what he/she might make it seem. I can go on and on and we all know the reasons but we are here to reassure you that all of the reasons you are thinking of are good reasons that you can and should leave. We are here for you and your well being.